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Empowering our partners by transforming expenses into financial assets.
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Our Company

ProfitPlugin is a financial technology company based in Reston, Virginia. We have developed a new proprietary financial technology designed to “plug into” partnering companies to generate new revenue. Partner companies typically include technology and service firms that maintain or generate a large amount of spend data in the B2B space.

We create new capital for our partners and their customers through the use of sophisticated data analytics and securitization options. Our process measures and monetizes untapped financial dimensions with the power to transform non-labor expenses into financial assets in the form of cash and equity.

Our Team

The team includes professionals and experts that have financed, raised and sold multiple public and private companies including a $36 Billion exit of a technology company. Our team also created the largest annuity purchaser in the world that securitized $12.5 Billion in assets. As a result, we possess a unique knowledge of technology and securitization in several markets. The team also has an understanding of group purchasing having led an association with an industry-wide spend of approximately $200 Billion per year. Our team members have decades of experience in representing large organizations before US Congress and the Executive Branch in highly regulated markets.  


We help our partners answer the client question: “How can you provide us greater value without more cost? ” We provide the answer with our unique financial technology and executive team expertise.  We ‘plugin’ into our partner’s current suite of offerings to create the value their customers  seek. We have developed a 3-phase process to assess the value of spend data.  We then aggregate the purchasing power and capture market value from the enterprise value created for vendors. Vendors participate in our Plugin to acquire new revenue and increase market share. We ensure strict data confidentiality for our partners and absorb all capital risk.

Our white labeled partnerships generate new revenue without creating additional expense.


Vendors and their significant shareholders have expressed great enthusiasm for the opportunity to compete on the acquisition of large amounts of accretive revenue, profits, and enterprise value through ProfitPlugin. They have also shown strong interest in ProfitPlugin’s securitization capabilities that allow them to capture the future value of these cash flows immediately.

We create win-win-win scenarios and benefit the following financial entities:

Private Equity Funds:  Rapidly accelerate revenue and EBITDA growth for select portfolio companies. Find new acquisitions and deal sourcing opportunities.

Hedge Funds: Accelerate long or short market positions.

Large Limited Partnerships: Pension funds, large family offices, insurance companies and others can tap into yield opportunities that are low-risk and provide steady fixed returns.

Investment Banks: Investment bankers can generate more fees by increasing overall deal value.

By utilizing ProfitPlugin’s non-standard corporate finance program firms can reduce their reliance on other sources of funding, reducing costs and ensure that retained earnings and profitability are maximized.

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Total Cash & Equity generated


In their groundbreaking work, Blue Ocean Strategy,  INSEAD Professors W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne, outline their strategy on how companies innovate and succeed. Instead of battling competitors, the authors suggest that firms create “blue oceans” of uncontested market space. The traditional “red ocean strategy,” they argue, focuses on a business approach that emphasizes military-like competition. A “blue ocean strategy” aligns innovation by unlocking new demand making the competition irrelevant.

We have created a vast blue ocean –  interested in exploring  it with us?

ProfitPlugin promises to change the nature of markets.  We are searching for entrepreneurially minded executives with high-level contacts and specific industry experience.  Ideal candidates will have spent years in the C-suite of Fortune 500 companies or similar institutions, have an active professional network and strong relationships within their respective industry.

Compensation is based on a residual equity and profit sharing formula.

For more information please enter your information here and one of our team members will contact you.

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